December 17th, 2020

An idea about well-being: Opportunity arises from an open mind.

Discussion: Most humans seek comfort in one form or another. We establish routines and can become comfortable in our environment. The more set we are in our habits, the more difficult it can become to change. Sometimes a small change to our behaviors can reap rewards, but only if we are open-minded enough to push against our comfort zone and try something new.

Application (how this idea plays out in my life): In my business, I’ve considered holding webinars for prospective clients and have yet to do so. I’ve been tentative because I’m not sure what topics people may be interested in or what audio/visual gear I’ll need to pull off something successful. In many ways, I’ve become too comfortable in my current business development strategies and foregoing the opportunity that comes with implementing something new. With that said, these webinars will be starting in the new year. More on that soon.

A word of caution as well. Exercise discernment when considering new ideas or strategies. Not all the ideas that land at your door will be right for you. If you’re like me, you won’t always know if you should pursue a new idea. Take the idea to a friend or trusted colleague and learn from other perspectives, then make a choice. As a person recovering from saying yes too often, I made a pact with my wife that she gets a say in what I commit to before I commit.

Undoubtedly, one of our new behaviors or ideas will fail at producing the desired outcome. In that moment, we have the choice to be open-minded again. We can learn from the failure and move forward.

Challenge Question: Where are there opportunities for personal growth or business growth that you may be missing?

Is your comfort zone holding you back? How will you push back?


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