December 3rd, 2020

An idea about well-being: We are what we do consistently.

Example: Lifting weights one time does not improve our strength. Lifting weights consistently over time greatly improves our strength. Running once doesn’t improve our cardiovascular endurance. Running consistently over time greatly increases our cardiovascular endurance.

Application (how this idea plays out in my life): When I started the podcast, I didn’t have any listeners. After releasing 110 episodes, most episodes have 150-200 downloads. Not bad for a small local podcast. Of course, I’d like it to be more. But I must acknowledge it’s come a long way since I started podcasting 3 years ago.

Irony strikes this week as I do not have a new podcast episode to release and I’m writing about consistency. I think there is an important lesson here, especially for me. There is a ditch to be avoided with consistency. One day or another, we aren’t going to be able to accomplish what we set out to. We will miss a workout, a deadline, or not release a podcast every week. Life throws curveballs sometimes.

Personally, I experience failure if I don’t accomplish a goal I set for myself. But I must learn to give myself grace. All the momentum is not lost because a podcast episode isn’t released for one or two weeks. The inverse of we are what do consistently is true as well. We are not what we don’t do consistently. If we miss one workout, but we make most of them, our fitness is still headed in the right direction. Missing one workout out of 50, doesn’t break our fitness.

Challenge Question: What activities can you do more consistently that will help you to feel well?

Or if you, like me, feel failure when you miss a goal, where can you give yourself grace?


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