NOVEMBER 19, 2020

An idea about well-being: Well-being is embracing adventure. 

Example: Recently, I visited a lake in northern Minnesota with a sauna. The hosts challenged us to swim in the lake before entering the sauna invoking the Finnish tradition. An inch of ice already topped the lake that my friend smashed through while wading out to deeper water. Nervously, we all dunked our heads beneath the icy water and gasped as we broke the surface. Then, we rushed to the sauna. We repeated the process again and again when the heat became too much. By the end of the night, we all laughed as we walked back to the cabin through the snow wearing only swimsuits with steam pouring off our backs. We all felt a sense of elation and slept very well that night.

Application (how this idea plays out in my life): Adventure requires being at least a little uncomfortable. But the discomfort and rush of the experience heightens friendship if done with others. When I complete some sort of new activity or adventure, it alters my perspective and can even broaden my belief in what we are all capable of. In me, adventure induces a feeling of resilience and perseverance. New experiences help me to shift away from my day to day routine and see the world differently.

Challenge Question: How can you embrace adventure or new experiences in your life? Are you resisting trying something new that could help you learn something new or alter your perspective?


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