OCTOBER 15, 2020

An idea about well-being: Digital distractions seek to rob us of our well-being. We may feel a brief rush from a new text or a “like” on social media, but it doesn’t last and can create anxiety that compounds over time. Time without smart phones, computers, or tablets can rejuvenate our sense of well-being.

Example: I can scroll social media on my phone seeking a quick hit of dopamine or I can go for a walk, spend time with my family, or call a friend.

Application (how this idea plays out in my life): I seek out time to be without technology. Sometimes this can be a morning workout without my phone. Other times, this can be a long weekend in Superior National Forest where smart phones don’t work. I always feel more rested and at peace when I find time to rest from technology.

Challenge Question: Winter is coming. How will you find ways to take a break from technology this winter when it can be more difficult to get outside? I believe its important to set boundaries around technology for our mental well-being. If you want to learn more, check out my podcast with Maree Hampton and KK Myers, founders of LiveMore ScreenLess.


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