OCTOBER 8, 2020

An idea about well-being: As a culture, we overemphasize the results and under emphasize the inputs. Yet, we can never have great results without extraordinary inputs and the results don’t come without patience. Therefore, let’s celebrate the efforts we make to move forward even if the fruits of our labor are far beyond the horizon.


Expectation: I hold a presentation and expect 3 new clients.

Reality: I hold 3 presentations, follow-up with the attendees for a year, and get 1 new client. 5 years later, 3 of the attendees call me after following my newsletter for 5 years, and I get 3 new clients.

Application (how this idea plays out in my life): I used to be discouraged by the lack of results from the effort I expended. But no one goes to the gym for the first time and comes back looking like The Rock. No one starts a business and hits it out of the park in their first quarter in operation. Great results come from disciplined consistent action over a long period of time.

I’ve adjusted the way I set goals moving forward. Rather than focusing on setting results-oriented goals (i.e. I will have $100,000 of revenue in the third quarter), I’ve shifted to setting action-oriented goals (i.e. I will hold one presentation a month or I will write 4 articles a month, etc.). Then, I can feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I completed the actions I intended to, even if they did not yet reap big rewards. Such a practice heightens my perseverance because I know I am making progress towards the objectives I set for myself without depending on the actions of others.

Challenge Question: Would basing your sense of accomplishment on the completion of predetermined inputs/actions rather than results help you to feel more well? Try it out, it really helped me!


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